Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Year End Review

Blessings and Happy New Year! 

I love the month of January because it's always the promise of a new beginning, a fresh start, and an evaluation of how I've spent my time during the last year. January is also the month where I tackle one very large project (usually an UFO) which I have neglected throughout the previous year(s); January 2014's project was going through the vintage and antique patterns I had not yet copied over or stored correctly and getting them traced, restored, and safely put away. It felt wonderful to have it all done!

Late January and early February put me on the lecture circuit at Wright State University for the 2014 Women's Quilt Show and Women's Symposium - an incredible opportunity which allowed me to share the history of the American dressmaker, how the dressmaking profession offered Progressive Era American women a real chance at financial independence and an alternative to the Victorian middle-class idea of domesticity, and America's influence in the world of fashion and haute couture.

In March, I had the pleasure of meeting Jan Brady, costume manager for the Wayne County Museum in Richmond, Indiana, and her delightful and dedicated staff of volunteers. Here, it was my privilege to examine, alongside Sandra Ros Altman (proprietor of Past Patterns), twelve extant garments ranging from 1770-1910 :

The summer months brought two very anticipated and fabulous trips to the Kent State Museum of Fashion to tour the Pretty Pleats Exhibit in June and The Great War Exhibit in August:

In July, I greatly expanded my costume storage space by creating a closet space in the attic, which as you might imagine, I am expanding still! A girl can never have a closet that's too big (*wink*): 

In late summer, I attended my oldest daughter's gallery showing in Columbus, a very proud mama moment. Sydney's photography is remarkable and it has been wonderful to witness her artistic development and growing success!

And, spattered here and there throughout the year, wherever I could squeeze in a needle and thread betwixt speaking engagements, museum visits, home improvement projects, and social events, garments and things were indeed constructed:

Welcome 2015! Wishing you, my dear friends, a warm and wonderful New Year! Blessings and happy sewing!


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