Thursday, January 15, 2015

A New Year's Post, Part II: A Bit of Stitching

Hello, again! Here's that bit of sewing I managed to eek-out before year's end!  

The Cloak

Constructed from black crushed velvet (acetate/nylon blend) and burgundy satin; closed in front with a pewter clasp. The cloak now residing with its happy new owner...

The Coat

Constructed from a medium weight white cotton canvas and lined in a blue and white floral light weight satin. This coat was designed by my youngest daughter who wanted 1) a unique surface to paint on (she's an artist); 2) an extended neckline to accommodate the very wide, thick, and heavy scarves that are now in fashion...

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay in good spirits! Blessings and happy sewing!