Thursday, February 5, 2015

2015 Women's Studies Quilt Show: Quilt Stories

~Set up, laying the quilts out by size and motif~
The Wright State University Women's Studies 2nd Annual Quilt Show was held on January 30-31 in the Apollo Room. Linda Morgan, coordinator of the event, staff, and volunteers were delightfully surprised by the community's positive response (in the form of submissions, donations, and turnout) and how much this year's show had grown in size from last year's - already, plans are in the works to expand the 2016 show! It's all so exciting! 

~Stewart Heritage Farms~
While the WSU Women's Quilt Show primarily features the talents of Ohioan novice to expert quilters, women's needlecraft is overall celebrated in the exhibit. Knitting and crocheting demonstrations were conducted by Cindy Vanzant; an introduction to tatting was taught by expert tatters, Ann Segrest and Mary Anna Robinson; and Brenda Hanes, from Stewart Heritage Farm, gave the presentation "Alpaca from Farm to Fashion". Coverlets, clothing, accessories, as well as quilts, were displayed illustrating the diverse talents of local female artisans.

Women today, as they have historically, employ their needle trades to engage in commerce, demonstrate technical and aesthetic skill, convey family and community history, decorate their environments, and express themselves where their voices aren't permitted or fall short. The primary objectives of the WSU Women's Quilt Show is to provide a venue to showcase women's needle art (to bring it to light) and to provide scholarships (through donations and quilt auctions) for Women's Studies students. Why Women's Studies? For an impassioned and educated rant on the matter of women's history, I encourage you to read a former post titled "Moonlighting and Soapboxing". 

~Granny Stars (quilter Jerri Stacy)~
I had the privilege and pleasure to meet and talk with many of the quilters and crafters who participated in the show - how do I choose whom to highlight or feature here, the choice is a dreadful one to make (I wish to include them all)! There's Jerri Stacy's incredible star quilts constructed from reproduction vintage and Civil War fabrics, Lois McFarland's cool cat quilts, and the dozens of quilts from the Thimbles of Joy quilting group. In order to adequately showcase a few of the artists and quilt themes, this is the first of three posts which will be published over the next week. I am excited to share their work with you, their range of skill and artistic beauty. They inspire me creatively and encourage me to press my skill set. Now, for a bit of needlecraft and quilt candy...

~Goddess Journey (Linda Lee Sattem)~

~Jazz Cats (Lois McFarland)~

~Jersey Shore Girl (Jeanne Sharrah)~

~Be Thankful (Patsy Greene)~

~Babies in Hats (Wendi Kirsch)~

~My costumes on display~

~A wonderful day for cake!~

More to come! Blessings and happy sewing!

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