Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Women's Studies Quilt Show: Themed & Historical Quilts

Gee's Bend Quilt: 

These traditional African American quilts are known for their geometric simplicity (although sometimes very intricately pieced), irregular patterns, and color brilliance. They originated from the workmanship of the slave women on Joseph Gee's large cotton plantation in Boykin, Alabama at the turn of the 19th century. These were created from clothing scraps and used as coverlets and quilts in the slave quarters.

I Spy with My Little Eye...

One of the funnest, most colorful, and playful quilt styles is the I Spy. Made from bright novelty fabrics, the blocks are meant to depict objects which the recipient can "spy".

Quilter Julianne Weinzimmer

Quilter Lisa Ricky


Donna Shrout McDade is an award winning quilter and tatter - the intricate and ornamental design of her quilts is remarkable. Note that the tatting motifs on the Hat Box Quilt and the Crazy Calender Quilt took two and three years to complete, this aside from the piecing and construction of each quilt!

Hat Box Quilt

Crazy Calender Quilt

Vintage Quilts:

Aside from the beautiful Gee's Bend quilt shown above, several vintage examples from the 1930s were on display. The ABC Kit Quilt was created by quilter Lois McFarland's grandmother, Lois J. Bishop, in 1930; Sunburst was created by quilter Lisa Rickey's grandmother, Ida M. Duncan-Grady, in 1934. Both quilts are hand pieced and hand quilted.

ABC Kit Quilt, 1930 (Lois J. Bishop)

Sunburst, 1934 (Ida M. Duncan-Grady)

Dedication & Memorial Quilts:

Daisies for Suzie was created by quilter Wendi Kirsch from the grief she felt from losing her mother, who loved daisies and the color blue...

Dana Patterson submitted two intricately embroidered coverlets in honor of her mother-in-law, Henrietta, Ryan Patterson, the creator of these remarkable pieces; motifs include the US state flags, birds, flowers, state mottoes, and Bible verses:

Quilts of Valor is an organization of volunteer expert crafters who dedicate their time and talent in creating honor quilts for our service men and women (both active and veteran). They have a presence in most every US state and if you would like to request a Quilt of Valor for someone you know, you may visit their website here...

Stay tuned and join me for the next post when I feature the remarkable talent of quilter Tracy Craven. Blessings and happy sewing!

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