Monday, March 30, 2015

Navy Blue Linen Spencer

It took me longer than expected to complete the matching Spencer to the navy blue linen jumper. The Spencer is hand-sewn for the greater part, except for the piping and ruching detail, which are machined. Like the jumper, the Spencer is closed with punched metal buttons. Digital imagery is terrible when it comes to trying to capture color, particularly blue and black. The blue of the Spencer (and jumper) is very dark, and the piping is a true blue (or prime blue), not royal. However, the cat hair shows up rather well (*snort*)!

Here she be: 

I'd like to construct a complementary bonnet or turban - I'm leaning toward the turban. Hopefully, Spring will decide to arrive in the great State of Ohio so I can get out and have some photos taken of me in all this Regency finery! 

Can you believe it's nearly April? Blessings and happy sewing!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Regency Jumper

Happy Monday! It's warming up in Ohio and the snow is finally starting to melt! I have not had a chance to get pictures of me in the jumper and blouse yet, but I figured there is no sense in delaying a post until then, right?

The jumper is constructed from navy blue linen and closes on the right side with four punched metal buttons. I am very happy with the bodice revision:

I have a navy linen Spencer in the works, which will turn this jumper and blouse into an ensemble. I'm still mowing over certain design elements, experimenting with the sleeves, etc. The change in season always seems to give me a lift in spirits and shot of inspiration. Spring is less than two weeks away - I'm anticipating the emergence of crocus leaves! 

Blessings and happy sewing!