Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Inside Out at KSFM: A Pictorial Tease

I had a great start to the Memorial Day Weekend! I took a trip to Kent State to view their new exhibit: Inside Out, Revealing Clothing's Hidden Secrets. The exhibit shows until February 14, 2016 (What a groovy Valentine's Day trip!); here is a little tease to encourage your own visit! 

Wide view of the Higbee Gallery:

Gold silk Jacquard and blue velvet ensemble - silk fringe, ivory cotton petticoat (not pictured), starched cotton, buckram, and lace skirt (American 1880s):

Man's silk satin suit, embroidered in silk, lined in linen (English 1780s):  

White cotton gauze gown, cotton embroidery, cotton appliqués (English 1815-1820):

 Wishing you creative inspiration, blessings, and happy sewing!

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