Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Switching It Up

Most of my dressmaking clients are reenactors or fair-goers, and I spend much of my sewing time making their wonderful costumes. It is a rare occasion for me when I get an opportunity to make modern clothing. Like this week, I had the pleasure of making a cocktail dress for a client from the Cleveland area. What fun! I loved her color choices - white and Tiffany blue - very classic, very Springtime! 

With modern clothing comes modern fabrics, meaning synthetics, and sometimes I have to remind myself they need a bit of special handling. In this case, the lovely nylon mesh overly was dotted with sequin ovals, and you know what that means...

Removal, removal, removal around all the seams. I had to be ever so careful because there isn't any forgiveness - not on nylon mesh - to hide a faux pas if I get a little too snippy


Happy May, happy Mother's Day weekend, and blessings and happy sewing! 


  1. That is just gorgeous, Angela!! I absolutely *adore* that color, and the style, to me, is rather vintage-esque! :) Beautiful job!!

    1. Thank you, Esther! I agree, the dress does have a vintage feel! ^_^

  2. Oh my.. I wish it is for me ;-). Wonderful Job, dear Angela. I really like it