Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Making Quick Work of It

I've known about a family wedding date for months. I procrastinated on buying a dress. I browsed the department stores on occasion, but with little enthusiasm and knowing what to expect: garish gowns and dresses made from poor quality materials and blinged-up with plastic jewels like cheap party favors. Or, or! Maxy dresses and skirts, mid-thigh, skin-tight ribbon dresses, and neon colored prom gowns exploding with layers of tulle and chiffon. 

Maybe I shouldn't be so fussy...


This last Friday (the wedding was Sunday) I went out with the hubs to pick out his dress clothes and we were done in 15 minutes. FIFTEEN minutes! It took me an hour to find a strapless bra (and still no dress)! 

LIFE LESSON No. 102,364: "Just make the damn dress."  

Riding home from the mall with my husband's shopping bags nestled between my feet, my mind was working furiously, sorting through my mental file of fabrics, flipping through images of various dress shapes, and constructing a simple and flattering silhouette in the fitting-room of my mind. The moment the hubs pulled into the garage, it was mad dash to my stash! 

I pulled a poly-cotton black lace and a baby blue poly crepe

La Robe

Not bad for making quick work of it (Whew!). To view the construction photos for this dress, please click here. Blessings and happy sewing! 


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  1. I love how the petticoat affected the silhouette. Why don't I think of that when I make a dress that ends up looking like I just came in out of the rain???