Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blue & White Stripes, Part II: A Summer Dress From LHJ (June 1912)

When searching for fashion plates and prints from the early 1910s, I discovered this gem (left) on Fashion A Hundred Years Ago and quickly added it to my visual collection for future reference and inspiration. This summer dress was published in The Ladies Home Journal June 1912 subscription and has become the second garment featured in the Blue & White Stripes series. Because so little information is available about this dress (no pattern number, no pattern block schematics, no descriptions, no nothing), this was a wonderful opportunity for me to use my fancy imagination and my love for draping to create a rendition of this dress all of my own. 

I constructed the dress as a one-piece wrap with Dolman sleeves. The solid darker blue cotton fabric that I used to make the bottom portion of the skirt and sailor's collar on the bodice was so thin and woven so loosely that I had to fuse it to the light blue medium weight cotton fabric I used to make the first garment in this series, the Advance utility dress. I did not add elastic banding around the upper sleeves, but left them as they are for my comfort. I made a noble effort to recreate the decorative closures on the bodice and skirt front, but again, the darker blue fabric was too delicate and kept shredding, even when fused. You have to let the fabric tell you what it wants to do, and it told me to make covered buttons instead. In the following photographs, you'll see that the bodice and striped portion of the skirt is lined in white cotton batiste and the collar is backed in the same darker blue cotton its constructed from (a magical feat of fabric manipulation). 

~A noble beginning - the start of decorative closures~

~The darker blue cotton - so thin, so delicate~

The Dickey

Yes, there is a dickey that goes with this dress! I didn't have any fabric in my stash that I felt complimented the dress. If you notice in the fashion print, the model is wearing a white dickey with what could be blue flowers, printed or embroidered. I couldn't find flowers, but I found a yard of white cotton printed with tiny ship anchors - too cute to be true! Here's the dickey...

The Dress

Moi, portant la robe rayée...

Stay cozy and warm, my beautiful friends! Blessings and happy sewing! 



  1. I have admired this dress for a long time. The colors are so soft looking. You did an excellent job recreating it. Very nicely done. I love your last picture it is so period looking. Thanks so much for sharing.


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