About Me

Name: Angela Thornhill

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Occupation: Professional dressmaker, researcher, and writer.

From 1999-2008, I owned a garment shop at one of the largest mid-western Renaissance festivals in the United States. It was a wonderful experience, and it was here that I had the privilege of adding a great deal to my knowledge of garment construction; in turn used these skills to build a very reputable tailoring business. I enjoy admiring the excellent tailoring work of others – their creativity and ingenuity often amazes me and reminds me that I am never done learning!

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Otterbein College); post-graduate work in Progressive Era Female Industry (Wright State University)

Interests & Hobbies: Reading, writing, research, genealogy, gardening, history, philosophy (particularly metaethics), human and civil rights, hiking, camping, ecological conservation, fashion history, and costume design and construction.

Guiltless Pleasures: I watch Project Runway religiously (and I adore Tim Gunn)! I brew a mean stout beer and grow my own medicinal garden. I love cats and have five felines of my own (or rather, they have me); I am privileged to foster pregnant female strays, insuring their safety and medical care (including spaying), and finding them and their kittens forever homes. 

Contact Information: TheMerryDressmaker@gmail.com